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Belle Isle  

Belle Isle Park, known simply as Belle Isle, is a 982-acre (1.534 sq mi; 397 ha) island park in Detroit, Michigan, developed in the late 19th century. It consists of Belle Isle, an island in the Detroit River, and several surrounding islets. The U.S.-Canada border is in the channel south of Belle Isle.

Owned by the city of Detroit, Belle Isle is managed as a state park by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources through a 30-year lease initiated in 2013; it was previously a city park. Belle Isle Park is the largest city-owned island park in the United States, and Belle Isle is the third largest island in the Detroit River, after Grosse Ile and Fighting Island. It is connected to mainland Detroit by the MacArthur Bridge.

Belle Isle Park is home to the Belle Isle Aquarium, the Belle Isle Conservatory, the Belle Isle Nature Center, the James Scott Memorial Fountain, the Dossin Great Lakes Museum, a municipal golf course, a half-mile (800 m) swimming beach, and numerous other monuments and attractions. It is also the site of a Coast Guard station. The Detroit Yacht Club is located on an adjacent island, connected to Belle Isle by a bridge. M&H Pest Control Detroit


The island was settled by French colonists in the 18th century, who named it Île aux Cochons (Hog Island). They allowed their livestock free range on the island.  Following his victory in the War of 1812, American General Alexander Macomb, Jr. was assigned to this region and owned the island as his estate. He was later appointed as the Commanding General of the US Army. A monument to him was erected in the Washington Boulevard Historic District in downtown Detroit.  On July 4, 1845, a historic picnic party was held on the island; attendees decided to change its name to “Belle Isle” in honor of Miss Isabelle Cass, daughter of Governor (General) Lewis Cass. The name Belle Isle (archaic spelling of Belle Île) means “beautiful island” in French.  The city planned to develop the island as a park and hired prominent American urban park designer Frederick Law Olmsted in the 1880s to design it. He is known for his design of Central Park in New York City. But only some elements of his design were completed.


Auto Racing

In 1992, a temporary street race circuit was constructed on the isle for CART races. The island hosted ten events at Belle Isle from 1992 to 2001, and racing resumed in 2007 as part of the IndyCar Series and American Le Mans Series.  On December 18, 2008, the scheduled race for 2009 was canceled. The primary reason was the automotive economic crisis and its impact on the Detroit area. Roger Penske did not rule out a return in the future.

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