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Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

Detroit residents love traveling the world. When traveling, you’re going to learn more about new customers and locations. You’ll love the experience. Just remember that you’ll need to take precautions. You know little about the area so you should watch yourself. In addition to this, you need to pick the right motel. If you don’t, you might stay in an unsafe location. There is also a risk that you’re going to encounter bedbugs and take them home with you. Use the tips below to avoid bedbugs while traveling the world.

Check The Room

When traveling, you’ll likely spend the night at a motel room. Doing so is a good way to get plenty of sleep so you can prepare for the next day. You’ll likely want to walk inside and lay down immediately, but you shouldn’t. Instead, you’ll want to check the room carefully. Doing so can help you determine whether the room has bedbugs. Be sure to check the mattress and sheets. If you see bedbugs crawling around, you’ll need to ask for another room.

Flip And Look

Next, you’ll want to flip and look. Start with the mattress because bedbugs could be sleeping on both sides of the mattress. They’ll stay in the folds of the mattress and sheets. Remove the sheets and carefully inspect the mattress. You’ll also want to look under furniture and other items in the room. Don’t stop until you’re positive that the room is free of pests. Don’t forget to check baseboards, wall decorations, chairs, and other items.

Use The Luggage Rack

Bedbugs are good climbers. They can climb up walls and furniture legs. Therefore, you need to position your luggage to prevent them from entering it. An effective way to do that is by using the luggage rack. Just make sure that the luggage rack is placed away from the walls. Put it in the center of the room. Once you’ve done that, you can place your luggage on top and you won’t have to worry about bedbugs entering your luggage.

Inspect It At Home

At some point, your vacation will end and you’ll return home. You’ll likely be exhausted after the long plane or car ride. As a result, you’ll want to enter and take a nap as quickly as possible. You shouldn’t. Before rushing through the door, you’ll want to carefully check your luggage and clothes for bedbugs. Make sure that they do not contain any pests. To reduce the risks, you’ll want to check your luggage in an exterior room. Using the garage is a good idea.

Dry It

Finally, you’ll want to use your dryer to eliminate the bedbugs hiding in your luggage and clothes. Depending on the type of luggage you have, you might be able to throw it into the dryer as well. Either way, throw your clothes in and turn on the dryer. Be sure to use the highest setting. Let the clothes dry for 15 minutes or longer to eliminate all bedbugs. If your home is infested, call a qualified exterminator in your area.

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