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Residents of Detroit will likely encounter mosquitoes at some point. However, it normally isn’t a major issue. As long as it is one or two mosquitoes, you shouldn’t worry about it. Swat them away and move on. However, some Detroit residents will encounter a mosquito infestation. When this happens, you’ll need to address the problem because it could lead to health hazards. These pests are dangerous since they can spread numerous illnesses.

Mosquitoes bite people and animals so they can suck their blood. From time to time, mosquitoes will bite someone or something that is infested with a serious illness. For instance, they can contract Malaria, Dengue, West Nile Virus, and Yellow Fever. From that point forward, the pest will be able to spread the illness to other people. It is impossible to eliminate all mosquitoes, but we can get rid of many of them. Our environmental management program will wipe out the majority of the pests and make your property safer.

Our Mosquito Solution

Our company offers reliable and convenient mosquito solutions. We’ve been in the business for many years and that has given us time to find out how to deal with these complicated pests. Our integrated pest management solutions can accommodate the needs of commercial and industrial clients. We also work with residents. Our mosquito program offers the following perks.

  • We’ll hunt for the pest’s breeding sites
  • We can find out how they’re invading your buildings
  • Our exterminators use Larvicide to get rid of immature mosquitoes
  • We take steps to manage the adult mosquito population

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