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Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

Bedbugs are a difficult group to deal with. Homeowners need to find out where they’re hiding so they can locate and eliminate them as quickly as possible. The only problem is that bedbugs are difficult to spot because they’re so small. They rarely grow larger than a quarter of an inch. Plus, they hide in cracks and corners that are rarely inspected. Where do bedbugs hide? You’ll find out in the guide below.

Bedbug Hiding Spots

Bedbugs can hide in many locations. Some of their most common hiding places can be found below.

Mattress Or Box Spring

First and foremost, the bedbugs in your home are going to hide on your mattress. Humans release CO2 and heat when they sleep at night. When this happens, the bedbugs will come out of hiding so they can feed. To ensure that they can detect these things, bedbugs are going to stay close to their food source. They like hiding on mattresses and box springs.

Your Bed Frame

You’ll likely find bedbugs hiding on your bed frame. As the infestation gets larger, the bugs will have spread out and some will be forced to leave the mattress. The bed frame offers plenty of suitable hiding places. They’ll hide in the frame’s cracks and crevices. Thanks to their color, bedbugs can blend in with many bed frames.


Homeowners also need to check their bedding for bedbugs. These pests can hide in sheets, covers, quilts, and pillowcases. Spotting bedbugs on these things will make it much easier. Look through your covers to determine whether your home is infested.

Pieces Of Furniture

Bedbugs can hide in various pieces of furniture. For instance, they’ll likely hide in couches, chairs, love seats, and others. Pull out the pillows and cushions. Look around and see what you can find. Don’t forget to check under the furniture because bedbugs might hide there as well.


Some bedbugs will hide in rugs and carpets. These items make great hiding places for bedbugs because the pests can hide within their fibers. If you bring home bedbugs, they may leave your luggage and immediately hide in your rugs.

Other Hiding Places

Bedbugs can hide in many places around your home. Below, you’ll find out more about their other hiding places.


Many bedbug infestations begin because someone went on vacation. If you do, you might get bedbugs because you stayed at a bad motel. Bedbugs can hide and travel in suitcases. If you set your luggage down on the floor in the motel room, bedbugs might climb inside. When you go back home, the bedbugs will go with you.

Decorations On Your Walls

You’ll also need to check the decorations on your walls. Bedbugs will climb your walls and hide behind your paintings and pictures.


Books close to your bed can be good hiding places for bedbugs. The pests will hide between the book’s binding and spine. They can also take shelter under the protective cover.


Do you have a nightstand next to your bed? If so, bedbugs might be living on the nightstand. Check the drawers, corners, crevices, and the bottom. They could be hiding anywhere on the nightstand.

Electronic Devices

At this point, most people own multiple electronic devices. You use these devices to check your email, purchase goods, and chat with friends. Remember that these devices get warm when they’re used. Bedbugs can likely climb into these devices using the small vent openings. They’ll hide in tablets, alarm clocks, computers, and other electronics. Finally, you’ll need to pay attention to the items under your bed. You may store books, pictures, or other items under your bed. Bedbugs can hide in these items are well. You’ll want to prevent that from happening by storing the items in secure containers. Once you’ve carefully inspected your home, you may find that you have bedbugs. If you do, contact our office so we can fix the problem as quickly as possible.

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