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Heat Treatment

Using heat to eliminate bedbugs in your home is a wise decision. The problem with bedbugs is that they’re difficult to eradicate using conventional methods. Therefore, you’ll want to take advantage of our unique tools. One of the best tools you can use is heat. Our exterminators can use heat to wipe out bedbugs with only one visit. Plus, it eliminates bedbugs hiding deep in cracks, electrical outlets, and clothes.

Heat Eliminates All Bedbugs

The best thing about heat is that it eliminates all of the bedbugs in the home. It heats the entire home so all of the bedbugs can be eliminated. The process works by increasing the temperatures in the home. Once the temperatures climb above 140-degrees, the bedbugs will die. Heat doesn’t stop because it moves through all cracks and crevices. It will eliminate bedbugs throughout the home, including those hiding in gaps.

To ensure the effectiveness of this technique, the exterminator has to maintain the correct temperatures around the clock.

A Reliable Bedbug Treatment

Heat is likely the most reliable bedbug treatment. It isn’t fool-proof, but it comes closer than anything else. When using heat to eliminate bedbugs, you aren’t releasing steam that has to make contact with the bug. Instead, the heat will expand throughout the home and kill the bugs. Using heat to kill bedbugs is highly recommend because they won’t be able to hide from it.

Their only option of survival is to escape the home.

Maintaining The Right Temperatures

Bedbug heat treatments won’t be effective unless the exterminator maintains the right temperatures. It is best to keep the home at 140-degrees for 2 hours or longer. When they do this, all of the bugs in the home are going to be eliminated. The heat will kill bedbugs hiding on the mattress and in clothes. It’ll also wipe out bedbugs in electric outlets and other gaps.

We can’t let the temperature fluctuate since that will allow bedbugs to survive.

Staying Away

Unfortunately, you’ll need to stay away from the home during the treatment. We’re confident that heat treatments are safe and reliable. Still, we don’t want to gamble with our client’s safety. Therefore, we’re going to ask you to stay away from your home until the bedbugs are gone and the treatment is finished.

You’ll receive a call from our exterminator letting you know when it is safe to return. At this point, all of the bedbugs are eliminated.

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