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Determining The Right Time To Hire An Exterminator

Many insects and rodents are classified as living vectors, because they carry and spread diseases to humans and animals. Most homeowners are been forced to deal with some sort of pest infestation, even if they did not want to. If you discover a pile of rat droppings or dead bedbug carcasses on your mattress, there will be no better time to contact an exterminator in Detroit MI than right now.

Pest Proofing Your Home

While you will never be completely safe from a pest infestation, there are some things that you can do to pest proof your home. Start by eliminating all food sources from getting into the hands of the pests. You should place all of your edible food items such as cereal, dog foods, and bread into hard containers. Make sure that the lid seals onto the container tightly, so the rodent cannot manage to open it up.

Pest traps can be placed behind your water heater, large appliances, or underneath your home. These will help to trap the live rodents or insects, before they can get into your home.

Sealing open crevices is also another great way to prevent cockroaches and carpet beetles from getting into your home, without you knowing it.

By spraying eco-friendly pesticides around the exterior of your property line, you will be deterring pests from trying to infest your home.

Keep your ears Open

Rats and mice are mostly nocturnal, so they will conduct most of their business at night. You will be able to hear the rodents gnawing and biting on the wooden structures of your home. You may even hear them scratching inside of your ductwork. These rodents can definitely exhibit some very destructive behavior, which means that your home could potentially be damaged within a matter of days after their arrival.


The best thing that you will ever be able to do to protect yourself from an infestation, is taking the time to educate yourself on each type of pest. By doing this, you will be prepared for any type of infestation, plus you will know exactly what to do eradicate the pests. If you are unwilling to do this, then you might as well hang up your hat, because the pests are going to overtake your home within a matter of days.

Animal Protection

If you have animals living in your home, you will need to do whatever is necessary to protect them from diseases. Animals can be very sensitive to pest control chemicals, so it is best to remove them from the home for several days. You can take them to your local animal daycare facility or hospital, since most of these businesses will offer overnight room and board to canines and felines.


It will solely be your responsibility to protect your home, animals, and children from coming into contact with the disease carrying vectors. Traps work very well, but this will not mean that you should not have your home inspected by a professional exterminator located in Detroit MI.

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