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Why You Need To Visit Detroit This Summer

Are you looking for a great getaway for you and your family? Well, you probably will not find Detroit on many people’s list, but you would be missing out, if you did not take a chance to visit the motor city. There truly is a lot to see here and even more activities for you to partake in. Continue reading below to learn more information about why you should visit the city of Detroit.

Detroit Institute of Arts

If you are going to visit Detroit, then you need to start your tour at the DIA. This building opened its doors in 1927. It goes without saying that this building holds a lot of history. Do not let your children miss out on the great history lesson that they could get here. The building holds more than 100 different galleries, but if you plan carefully you can enjoy them all and be out in less than 2 hours.

Michigan Central Station

This train station was built in 1913, so it is another building that is covered with history. While at first glance with the graffiti and busted out windows, you would not think this building holds much significance, but it was used as a backdrop for several big hit Hollywood movies. This 18-story tower is something that you must check out, and hey, it will not cost you a penny.

Belle Isle

This island sets in the Detroit River between the U.S. and Canada. You would not believe the view that you can take in here. The architect that designed New York’s Central Park was assigned to oversee the landscaping for the island, so you can just imagine the creativity that went into this work of art.

Eastern Market

This market is the place to be on the weekends, especially during the summer months. Here you will find many local purchasing fresh apples, blueberries, and even roses. Most people even say that they buy a whole week worth of groceries here. Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime experience.

Historical Museum

So many musical greats got their start right in the motor city, and that is what the museum was dedicated to. Just to name a few you got Aretha Franklin, Madonna, and Diana Ross. You can view the first recording studio known as Studio A. A lot of great musicians have recorded here.


Now that you know all about the great city of Detroit the question is, “Why would you not want to visit Detroit?”



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