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Why Moving To Detroit Can Be A Life Changing Adventure

Many people think that because the auto factories shut down in Detroit, it has gone to ruins. You would be quite mistaken to think this, because here truly is a lot of greatness left in this city. If anything this shutdown has made the citizens better and come closer together. If you are thinking about making a major life changing move, then the motor city should be very high on your top ten list and below you will learn just why.

Great BBQ

If you are a fan of BBQ, then you are going to love the motor city. Located on Michigan Avenue, you will find Slows Bar B Q, which offers some of the best Carolina BBQ that you will find outside of the Carolinas. Just think you could enjoy this kind of food every day of the week.


The WWE loves Detroit and it is no wonder why. In 1987 more than 93,000 screaming fans crammed themselves into the Pontiac Silverdome to watch Hulk Hogan battle Andre the Giant. Once again 20 years later, Ford Field was the host of Wrestlemania 23. You just know they are going to have another huge event like this here again very soon.


If you are looking for a little diversity, then you can find it here in the motor city. With more than 100,000 black residents Detroit is home to the blackest population in the country. This is not to even mention the 40,000 Arabs that have migrated to the area. You could even have a chance to learn a new language.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are a huge hit in the motor city. However, they do hot dogs a little different than any other American city. In the motor city, when you order a hot dog you will get a bun, a dog, mustard, onions, and the famous all-meat chili. If you have never tried the all-meat chili, then this is something that you simply must try at least once, before you die. You will be glad that you did.

Get You a Drink Early

This one is for the younger crowd. If you are 19, you can simply hop over the bridge, head to Canada, and drink legally. That’s right, the legal drinking age in Canada is 19 and it is just a hop and a skip over a bridge. Even if you are not into the drinking, how great is it to be that close to another country? Just be careful because once you get back to Detroit you can still be charged, if you are caught.

Car Enthusiasts

The major event of the summer year is the Woodward Dream Cruise. 1.5 million Car enthusiasts show up for this event every year, so they can view over 40,000 classic cars. How great is this?


Now that you know a little bit more about the motor city, it is time to get you bags packed. As you can see there are tons of things for you to enjoy and even more things for you to see. Not to mention all the good foods to eat.


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